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With the development of a Retreat Ministry at Our Mother of Sorrows, parishioners can experience a time of renewal and refreshment at their own parish facility. In the Cahalane Parish Activity Center there is a lovely Retreat Room that provides a peaceful setting for those who gather. During times of quiet prayer the retreatants may use the Church, the Cenacle Chapel, the All Saints Garden as well as the Retreat Room. If meals are part of the retreat, the Dining Room is available.

The Mission Statement of the Retreat Ministry and for the Retreat Room is: "The apostles rejoined Jesus and told him all they had done and taught. Then he said to them, ‘You must come away to some lonely place all by yourselves and rest awhile’; for there were so many coming and going that the apostles had no time even to eat. So they went off in a boat to a lonely place where they could be by themselves." Mark 6:30-32

A retreat offers you the opportunity for an experience like the apostles who went off to a lonely place with Jesus. Jesus is eager to offer you peace, joy and healing if you heed His call to ‘come away’ and be with Him. Parish retreats are offered to various ministry groups in the parish as a means of renewal. There are also retreats during various liturgical seasons such as Lent and Advent as well as retreats with a particular focus such as: journaling, prayer, spirituality of everyday life, discipleship, etc. 

Please click on Adult Enrichment to see what retreats are currently being offered

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