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1800 South Kolb Road Tucson, AZ 85710 520-747-1321


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AFTER-CHRISTMAS ALIENATED CATHOLICS ANONYMOUS: Inactive? Hurt? Angry? Alienated from God or the Church? Seeking peace? Come to the 6-part after-Christmas Alienated Catholics Anonymous series at Our Mother of Sorrows Parish, 1800 South Kolb Road, Tucson, Arizona. The series begins on Monday, January 5th at 7:00PM in the Parish Activities Center, then continues on for 5 consecutive Monday evenings. Sometimes, years of non-participation makes Catholics feel like strangers in their own church. This series will involve informal sharing, reflections from Catholics recently returned to full and active participation in their faith. It will also serve as an update on what Catholics believe. The series will address the needs of those who have entered into non-sacramental marriages and where there exists conflicts between their closest relationships and their Church. Registration is encouraged, but not required (747-1321). No fee.


Our Mother of Sorrows Parish




Applications are now being accepted at the parish for this position.  Prospective applicants must fulfill the following basic expectations:

            At least five (5) years experience in a business and financial environment of service industry; preferably not-for profit; the minimum of BA in Business and Accounting or related field; dedication and commitment to work in a church environment; experience in handling foundation/endowment funds, financial planning, asset allocation, monitoring/management of departmental budgets; experience and ease in making oral presentations; excellent public relations skills; dedication to the responsibility and trustworthiness in managing significant cash flow; ability to produce budget, cash flow analysis upon request; knowledge of computer applications; strong skills in automated accounting systems and spreadsheet programs; demonstrated ability to work in a high pressure environment; aptitude to work with a range of individuals in service to the parish; possess a good sense of Church and a personal sense of call and commitment to its mission; oversee and manage a diverse range of responsibilities, including oversight of maintenance and administrative staff.  Interested applicants should send their resume and letter of interest by November 9th to Our Mother of Sorrows Parish, Attn:  Business Manager Position, 1800 S. Kolb Rd., Tucson, AZ  85710; drop it by the office or email it to omosparish@omosparish.org.  No phone calls please.  For more information, visit our website at www.omosparish.org.

Exemption Status: Exempt


Primary Function

The Parish Business Manager has primary responsibility for overseeing and coordinating all of the financial and business affairs of Our Mother of Sorrows Parish.  (“Parish” shall include church and school; “financial and business” shall include financial planning and management, facilities (buildings and grounds) management, personnel management, risk management and insurance, office administration, and legal matters.)  The position supervises the Parish finance, maintenance, and office administration staff.  The Parish Business Manager directs these efforts with technical and legal expertise within the framework of shared ministry in Christian and Catholic values.



The Parish Business Manager is directly accountable to the Pastor of Our Mother of Sorrows Parish.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Ministry and Leadership

Performs as a lay minister at the parish level in support of the parish and the diocese’s spiritual and pastoral      mission; performs as both a spiritual and administrative leader in the parish


Financial Management

  1. Budgeting and Planning

1.       Develop and administer total parish budget in consultation with the Pastor, commission/department heads, and Parish Finance Council.  Present the budget to the Parish Ministries Council for endorsement.

2.       Develop long-range plan for finances, replacement of equipment, and personnel.

3.       Monitor financial data and its impact on parish business and/or finances; make recommendations to the Pastor, appropriate staff/department heads, and relevant committees/commissions.

  1. Income and Expenditure Management

1.       Oversee all day-to-day financial tasks, including payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable; authorize and pay all expenditures.

2.       Administer a cash flow management system with purchasing and payment schedules clearly defined.

3.       Monitor the collection, counting, recording and depositing of all parish revenue from all sources; maintain records of memorials and other donations.

4.       Provide planning and organizational assistance for special projects, such as Annual Catholic Appeal, Yes Lord, stewardship program, annual parish fiesta, capital fund drives, the endowment trust, all annual second collections, etc.

5.       Monitor all purchasing; authorize purchases and review purchasing practices to establish and maintain efficient procedures and control.

  1. Records Management

1.       Maintain all parish business and financial records and files, including bookkeeping records and bank statements; serve as parish contact with financial institutions.

2.       Prepare regular financial statement reports; review with Pastor, Finance Committee, and commission/department heads on a regular basis.

3.       Oversee the maintaining of parish census, stewardship, and sacramental records.

       D.   Liaison with Diocese of Tucson

1.       Collect data and prepare reports for Chancery Office as needed or requested.

2.       Act as liaison with Diocesan Business Office on financial and business matters.


1.       Promote charitable giving to the endowment and other special gift opportunities.

2.       With the Pastor and Board of Directors, provide development program management.


Facilities Management

1.       Oversee the Facilities Manager, Maintenance Supervisor and maintenance staff and manage major repairs or new construction.

2.       Negotiate contracts with suppliers and construction firms.  Coordinate efforts with Building and Maintenance Commission.

3.       Work with the Facilities Manager to review bids for maintenance and capital improvements; make recommendations to the Pastor and appropriate committees.

4.       Schedule all contracts and/or leases and evaluate regularly.

5.       Oversee scheduling the use of parish facilities and ensure all liability and maintenance needs are coordinated.

6.       Maintain adequate insurance coverage and handle all claims; act as liaison to Diocesan Insurance Agency.

7.       Prepare, administer and communicate a parish security policy.

8.       Collaborate with the Building and Maintenance Commission.

Personnel Management

  1. Personnel Issues and Policies

1.       Maintain employee personnel files; assess staffing needs and make recommendations to the Pastor.

2.       Implement personnel policies according to diocesan regulations; work towards resolving employee-related concerns and issues in accordance with diocesan policies.

3.       Coordinate all other personnel matters under the direction of the Pastor and in collaboration with other related staff, especially with regard to the Child Abuse Policy of the Diocese.

  1. Payroll

1.       Manage bi-weekly payroll, including FICA, other taxes, employee insurance plans, and pension programs.

2.       Prepare all employee-related reports.



1.       Oversee the Office Administrative Coordinator and office staff and manage operations of parish office computer, duplicating, and other equipment.

2.       Attend to all parish legal matters, in cooperation with Diocese offices as appropriate.

3.       Serve as parish public relations representative in financial and development matters and related advertising.

4.       Fulfill other administrative duties (e.g., organizing special events) as requested or assigned in consultation with the Pastor.

5.       Meet with the Parish Finance Committee at regularly scheduled monthly meetings and at other times as needed; meet with Parish Council, staff members, and organization members as needed to communicate on business and/or financial matters.

6.       Meet with the Pastor on a regular basis for the purposes of reporting, communicating, planning, and organizing business and financial matters; fulfill other business and/or financial duties in consultation with/at the request of the Pastor.


Physical/Mental Requirements:  Requires coordination and manual dexterity, normal mental and visual ability; ability to lift as required in a normal office environment. 


Required Activities:  Walking, sitting, standing, stooping, reaching, talking, handling, hearing, carrying, keyboarding. 


Basic Qualifications

§  Must have a working knowledge of and a strong commitment to the mission of the Diocese and Catholic Church; be in full communion with the Church

§  Excellent communications skills, verbal and written; excellent human relations and interpersonal skills

§  Exercise courtesy to fellow employees, parishioners and the general public

§  Must be a self-starter; well organized; perform multiple tasks simultaneously and work with a sense of urgency

§  Ability to maintain confidentiality

§  Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment; punctuality is a must at all times; ability to travel locally as required

§  Proficiency in computer technology to include word processing, automated accounting systems, spreadsheet and Power Point presentations

§  Professional bearing; clean and neat personal appearance 

§  Ability to successfully pass a background, criminal history, and credit history check


Education and Experience

§  Bachelor's degree in business or accounting or a related field or a minimum 5 years of administrative management experience in a business and financial environment



§  Preference for proven success as a first-line manager in a medium to large firm, Catholic parish or similar organization

§  Bilingual (English-Spanish) preferred

§  Non-profit experience preferred






Rooted in the spiritual tradition of the Catholic faith and called to be servant leaders as disciples of Jesus Christ, we the people of Our Mother of Sorrows Parish are sent forth to proclaim the message of the Good News of God's love for all people.

A dynamic faith community, we are sent forth to serve and grow in our faith and to share faith and love with one another.  We encourage one another in prayer, in worship, in continuing to learn and to live daily the meaning of the Christian life.

As disciples of Jesus we are called to follow Him, our servant leader in loving service, and are sent forth to love and care for one another.  As a parish we accept our call to reach out to all God's people, especially to those in need, so that the reign of God may be realized in our community, in our nation and in our world.